Heart-Centered Trauma Counselling
Grounded in Cutting Edge Science

This is not talk therapy 


Specializing in EMDR Therapy and the most effective treatments
to eliminate trauma, PTSD, and anxiety symptoms.

Together we can make your painful symptoms go
away in days, not years. I work with clients in person, on Zoom, and on location in Canada & the United States.


Trauma lives in fragmented memories, images, and sensations in
the body – not the talk-therapy parts of the brain. The techniques I
use directly access the parts of your brain impacted by trauma to
release your painful feelings permanently.

Specialist in the most
effective trauma treatments:


EMDR Therapy

EMDR allows your memories and feelings to surface, reorganize, and move back to long term memory where they belong.


Progressive Counting

Progressive Counting is great for clients that need a more grounded or focused way to work on a trauma memory.


The Flash Technique

For clients experiencing a lot of stress around a memory, the Flash Technique is a great way to start working on a trauma.

Brian Powell MSW

Healing Trauma is My Expertise and Passion


My objective is for you to experience deep caring and emotional safety so we can heal the parts that are still giving you trouble. I often work with people who have already done therapy but haven’t fully freed themselves from their past.

  • Over 20 years experience in counselling and
    social work
  • Expert at creating safety before getting into
    the hard stuff
  • Consistent track record of positive outcomes
    and client transformation